Charlottetown, PE, Canada

"Cradle of Confederation"

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This community is for residents (and former residents) of the city of Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada. The purpose is for users to share information about events, cool places to visit, fun things to do, cool people to meet, and any other pertinent information regarding the city.

Please Note: This community is meant to be a friendly environment. A simple rule of thumb is to treat everyone else with the respect with which you wish to be treated. Derogatory or offensive posts and comments will be deleted and possible ejection from the community could result. Any problems should be reported to the moderator. So play nice.

Any suggestions or questions should be forwarded to the moderator, kratz, at PEIRENT@hotmail.com Please put CharlottetownPE Community in the subject because I tend to delete e-mails from unknown e-mail addresses.