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Visiting Charlottetown this summer

Hi! I'm visiting Charlottetown this summer. I'm staying with some fabulous person via the Couchsurfing Project- it's a gambe but I've read great reviews about her.

I'm of course an Anne fan, yadda yadda, but I'm also interested in the natural beauty and environment of the Island. I'm interested in Canadian culture in general, after all, I'm American! We think everything you do is cooler.

Here's the rub- I'm super, mega broke. I'm driving up there with a few friends who will be able to share expenses for some things, but for others I'm on my own. I want to have the opportunity to eat some good seafood, see some of the Anne schlock, etc...

The host said she might be able to get me a comp for the musical, which ROCKS.

I'm looking for different ideas on how to save money. Are you a seafood catcher person? Want to take me clamming in exchange for, uh, something New Yorky?

I'm looking for various barters for things I can either bring to you or do. I can usher for comps to a show, for instance. I'm willing to bring you things you can't get in PEI, as long as they are LEGAL!!!!! perishables like NY bagels or pizza are probably out, since we're taking a week to get there.

Feel free to email me or AIM me (Astoriaunt) and talk NY or PEI. I'd love money saving tips! Where can we wash dishes for a fantastic meal? etc....

I'll be there from the 9th to the 14th of august, if that makes a difference...

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