peiguy44 (peiguy44) wrote in charlottetownpe,

Hey Folks...New to town

Hey Kratz...fancy meeting you here.

Hi Folks.

I'm new to Charlottetown and hoping to meet some new friends here.
I enjoy sciences, computers, photography, nature walks, 8-Ball, Books of all types except Harlequins (ok some of those are good too...old romantic that I am).

I've been known to occasionally have an opinion on current events ;)

I like all kinds of music, though I'm not a fan of Gangster rap. I'm 50 but growing up is something I haven't placed a high priority on so I feel comfy with people of any age really.

Anyway...enough about me. If anyone wishes to say Hi, they can do it on here or on my MSN at

A happy New year to all!
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if you are looking for a good book store..I recommend the Reading Well down on Water Street!

then again I am partial *W*
I'll check it out. Actually I have a number of books here that I have been wanting to sell and the Queen street stores are way too picky on what they'll take. They won't touch a hardcover fiction even for $0.50
yeah..I know...bookman is a great place to find old editions of books....fiction is hard to sell anywhere aside from garage sales and flea markets
I may have to check the place out if only because it sounds like you work there...I like women with good books ;) (thought I was going to say looks, didn't ya...heh that too :) )
no I do not work at The Bookman...I only fill in on occasion at the Reading Well LOL
Heya peiguy44 @ ya. Cool meeting ya here too.